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The PERKS of having a nanny care for children on your wedding day!

Want to step back completely, knowing your children will be cared for and relax into your wedding day & night!? Here are some of the perks that come with having a babysitter on your wedding day...

💅🏼 👔 Whether you’re getting ready onsite or offsite, your children (and maybe the wedding parties too) will be looked after, so you can sip your HOT coffee ☕️ & get PRETTY without any interruptions. You’ll know your little one’s routine will still be followed, we all know the importance of getting a good nap in before a big day!

🧸 The children will have just as much fun as you with included activity spaces set up on the day. Plus, having activities can help the nanny build a relationship with the children and engage them in play, so the adults can go about their chit chat!

💍 Your ceremony is covered!

Your child’s nap routine didn’t quite go to plan and they need some zzz.. right as you need to be walking down that aisle - we’ve got you! Your family members can relax into the special moments too! OR your little ones might be flower girls/page boys but the guest's children won't sit still for the formalities.

📸 We all know investing in a wedding photographer is a big part of your wedding budget! A second pair of hands to help make the little ones giggle, or carry the babies in/out during this crucial time can be a life saver 👏

🍽️ Let us worry about snacks, keeping tummies full and messy faces.

Full permission to forget about this on your wedding day!!

💤 Have the bedtime routine sorted! Beating the over-tiredness is a huge win.

With the option of overnight care, you can dance until dawn or snuggle up to your newly wed while the children are sorted until the next day!


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