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Email us to discuss your options and to make sure your wedding date is available

Schedule in a video call to meet and discuss the details 

Once you're happy to go ahead and the booking is confirmed, pay your deposit to secure the date

Keep in touch and we'll see you on your special day! 

Can I customise hours of care required?

Absolutely. We can create a package customisable to your needs on the day! Reach out and we can discuss the details via a video call. 

Do you offer transport? 

Yes! This could be transporting children to the venue or back to an off-site accomodation for bedtime. Please note, for insurance purposes, children will need to travel in car seats approved by Victorian child restraint laws. 

Do you offer overnight care?

Yes! This can be a great option if you'd like to party on after your reception or stay elsewhere. Please get in contact with us for pricing. 

Can I request copies of any background checks and qualifications?

Of course!! This is a very reasonable request

How do I know whether or not I need an additonal nanny?

Because the requirement for an additional nanny is dependent on both the number and age of the children, you will need to contact us. 

As The Nuptial Nanny grows, we will employ additional nannies with all relevant checks/qualifications. Don't worry, you will be kept in the loop!

Are you insured? 

Yes, we hold all relevant insurances with Nannysure. 

What if my child has allergies/medical condition or requires medication?

We understand this can create some anxieties! You will receive an email a few weeks before your wedding date with some communication forms to fill out. This will give you the chance to communicate anything important for us to be aware of and will include a medication form too. 

Can you meet our children before the wedding day?

We can try our best to accomodate this but it isn''t always possible, especially in our busy periods! We offer a video call before you lock in your date and can schedule in another few leading up to your wedding date. If your worried how your child/ren will go on the day, we can discuss the best ways to manage this!

Are there any travel fees ?

Travel fees may apply if your venue is not within a reasonable distance from Melbourne.

This will be decided on a case by case basis, so please get in contact with us

Do you travel interstate? 

Although we are Melbourne based, we are open to travelling interstate for some weddings

Please get in contact with us to discuss travel fees 

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