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When investing in a wedding nanny, how can I ensure the day runs smoothly?


✅ Discuss children’s routine prior to the day.

On the day of your wedding your mind is going to be busy! Going through the children’s routine with your nanny, prior to the day, can prove very helpful.

This may include

-Nap times

-Meal times

-Activities/songs they enjoy

-Bedtime routine

Having a familiar routine on the day (where possible), will allow them to feel safe and secure, helping them build a relationship with the nanny.

✅ Voice your expectations for the day

It’s important to discuss with your nanny some expectations and how you envision the children being a part of your wedding day.

This might be

-What you want your children to be involved in on the day

-How you want to communicate with the nanny on the day

✅ Order of events

It can be useful to share your order of events of the day with your nanny. This will allow them to coordinate care and keep the children up to date with what’s up next.

This might include

-Getting ready for the day/transportation

-The ceremony and reception


-Canapés/dinner time


-Bedtime for the children

💜 We understand how important communication is to ensure your day runs smoothly!

That’s why, when your wedding day is near, we email an information pack 👌🏻

This includes

-Communication forms (children’s routines, allergies, transportation, order of events)

-What to pack for your child on the day

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