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A wedding nanny service located in Melbourne, servicing all of Victoria. 
vision is to help parents relax into their wedding day!

Hey! I'm Rachel

I created The Nuptial Nanny with the perfect combo in mind, my love for weddings and working with children!


I am a:
Registered Nurse

Diploma Qualified Early Childhood Educator

& Mum! 

I understand working out the logistics of the day can be tricky, which is why I offer a free video call before you lock in your date.

 As a mum myself, I also understand the importance of having peace of mind!

Wedding packages

Including children on your wedding day CAN be such a fulfilling experience!


However, it does require some planning and it's a good move to be well prepared. After all, children, like us, need to feel included and entertained!

All packages are fully customisable and we will work with what you envision for your day.

Whether its care onsite for the ceremony, reception and some set up activity spaces at your venue or just simply transporting the children home for bedtime, we have you covered!

Activity spaces


We set up some lovely looking, child friendly activity spaces at your wedding

We provide engaging, age-appropriate activities so the adults can relax into the wedding day! 

Dependent on the ages of the children attending, we can personalise acitivites to suit your needs! 

Meet Rachel, owner of The Nuptial Nanny
Care for children during your wedding ceremony
Our multifunctional kids table set up at your wedding
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